Just say “Nyet!”

Maybe not that easy, but Brook Horowitz from the International Business Leaders Forum has an interesting column in the IHT last week that seems to support some ideas I shared related to David Collier’s chapter on the role of multinationals adhering to voluntary standards (I plug this often as it is an idea I really support). Horowitz wrote:

Multinationals such as Nestlé with 13 production companies in Russia insist on international labor, health and safety standards from local suppliers. Indeed the fact that multinationals can operate according to the standards in their home markets provides a powerful statement to local business.

If this is applicable in Russia, it should be applicable in most transitioning and emerging markets. I do not think either Horowitz or Collier assume one company following a set of standards changes a country overnight, but it does, hopefully, keep the process moving in the right direction.

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