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Why Bulldozers and Sustainable Development?

I read a thought-provoking conclusion to an article by a gentleman named Andy Whitmore. The article is called The Emperor’s New Clothes: Sustainable Mining? He wrote:

The truth is that sustainability implies something quite different depending on which side of the bulldozer you are on.

I like that image, but I don’t choose a side. The field of environmental protection and socio-economic development (my background) evolves quickly and is complex, especially as natural resources become more precious and hard to find. As a believer in collaboration, I wanted to put some ideas, reasources and links online in hopes of finding new material, ideas, experiences, criticisms and support.

Why a blog on the topic?

I want interaction with innovators and problem-solvers.

Disclaimer! The opinions I pen are my own and do not represent anything other than my opinion. Also, in no way do I endorse all the links and websites that appear in this space. Their opinions, like my own, are there’s alone.

What I try to collect?

  • Links on environmental protection and socio-economic development, with a slant to private sector development and extractive industries;
  • Reports and tools that try to advance the science and debate;
  • News articles relating to the same topics;
  • Brief commentary, normally only meant to invite other opinions.

On the links: Some blogs are very helpful to me. I have shared those in my Blogroll. Other NGOs keep me thinking and I pass those along, even though they are not always in agreement with the sites listed under Resources. You are free to judge yourself.

Code of conduct?

  • Be nice. We are all learning.
5 comments on “About the blog
  1. Helen Russell says:

    WHAT A WELCOME INITIATIVE! – finally somewhere to discuss ideas and activities on sustainability and try and make them more concrete and uniform in their application.

  2. I am not going to be nice. I’ll tear you apart as soon as you slip… mhua mhua mhua…


  3. Decline of civilisation says:

    Given the fact that I’m evil, I can’t be possibly happy about this vile attempt to save the world. Peoples of the world, don’t believe this man! there is no climate change! Hungary wasn’t subjected to an unusual heat wave and a crazy storm yesterday! it’s all in your minds!
    Frau Evil

  4. pavellawrence says:

    Glad my amigos will pay attention. There will be no sinister swashbuckling! And opinions from Italia and residents of Hungary, even if they are Slovak nationals, will give this more of an international feel. Thanks for joining!

  5. Brent Norris says:

    good read. thanks for taking the time to write about the issues.
    We pretty much just focus on Hawaii Island. So coming across the World Business Council for Sustainable Development website was pretty kewl.

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