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We *Should* Read the Back of the Brownie Box

Just by coincidence, I learned about how “controversy swirls around harsh anti-obesity ads” in Georgia, part of a five-year, $25 million anti-obesity effort and hosted at Then I read about a consultant explaining to board members of the Natural

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Oil vs. Wind vs. Pipelines vs. Solar, etc.

Op-Ed in the NYT — “A Shortsighted Victory in Delaying the Keystone Pipeline” – outlines some of the tough trade-offs that will be forced upon decision-makers thinking about energy. Who decides? Intuitively, one would say “democratically elected government”, but federal, state

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Green for All

I really enjoyed The New Yorker profile of Van Jones, “Greening the Ghetto”. Jones has written the Green Collar Economy and is the founder of an organization called Green for All. The subtitle of piece in The New Yorker was

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Corporations as Stakeholders?

A convincing case is made in the Jan/Feb Foreign Affairs – Global Corporate Citizenship – that pulls out some really good concepts related to a company’s role sustainable development. Five core concepts — corporate governance, corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility,

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The Economist, again, on CSR

If only I had waited a few months to comment on CSR and The Economist …as I read through another Economist special report on corporate social responsibility last week, I realized my November post pretty much summarizes my feelings about

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Debating Biofuels

Via the Private Sector Development blog, I came across (a while ago) the Foreign Affairs May/June article on biofuels and its connection to food security. The article conclusion… The future can be brighter if the right steps are taken now.

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“A Mining Adviser’s View of Global Warming”

Climate Connections is a series now on National Public Radio done in cooperation with National Geographic: “How are we shaping the climate. How is climate shaping us.” I enjoyed this story on a mining adviser, environmentalist and government advisor. (Also

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