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Cash For Everyone

How Africa can extract big benefits for everyone from natural resources – cash transfers, so the Guardian post says. I am a bit skeptical that this would provide any quick fixes either for poverty alleviation or reducing corruption, and sparsely

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CommDev (and In-Flux)

A missed gem on my Resources list. I came across CommDev again when I found this relatively new (slow blogging plagues me)  resource on the massive challenge of in-migration and in-flux on major projects: A Handbook for Addressing Project-Induced In-Migration.

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Big Dams: Bulldozers and Sustainable Development 101

The debate for me isn’t electricity or no electricity for the Gilgel Gibe III Dam in Ethiopia, recently highlighted on the BBC’s Crossing Continents. It is about electricity with appropriate study of the impacts or electricity that makes the same

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A Brave (and Responsible) Company

Very pleased to receive a link to this story on the Mine Web site regarding Newmont’s review of its community relations policy and practice. One part that most interested me: Community relations cannot be an isolated function. “All employees must

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ICMM Case for Partnerships at Local, National and Global Levels

Catching up on overdue reading over the weekend… ICMM’s Kathryn McPhail won the Bronze Award for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/Financial Times (FT) essay competition for her essay, “Sustainable Development in the Mining and Minerals Sector: The Case for Partnership

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Sustainable Social Investment – Great Resource!

The IPIECA has always been on my “Resources”-roll, but if you were like me, the IPIECA doesn’t sound like an appealing detour while blog perusing. It stands for International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association and might bore away non-petroleum people,

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Green for All

I really enjoyed The New Yorker profile of Van Jones, “Greening the Ghetto”. Jones has written the Green Collar Economy and is the founder of an organization called Green for All. The subtitle of piece in The New Yorker was

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Managing Waste, Not Making War

Here’s an attempt to connect some dots – If one initiative in Liberia can train ex-combatants with skills to keep out of the violence business and get them into the sustainable development business, why can’t the private sector do the

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“Supporting Development in Indonesia”

Developing resources in a decentralizing country requires sustainable community development to promote synergies between corporate initiatives and local government goals. A simple idea, but difficult to implement, is explained very well in this article from the October issue of E&P

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World Investment Report 2007: TNCs, Extractive Industries and Development

The World Investment Report 2007 , focuses this year on Transnational Corporations and extractive industries. “…the extraction of natural resources involves considerable economic, environmental and social challenges. The objective is to ensure it is done in the most efficient and

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