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Externalities of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act?

The title, “How Congress Devastated Congo”, is a bit much, but this OpEd gives pause to all of us thinking that human rights in mining is a black or white issue. It is true: It’s easier to sidestep Congo than

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CommDev (and In-Flux)

A missed gem on my Resources list. I came across CommDev again when I found this relatively new (slow blogging plagues me)  resource on the massive challenge of in-migration and in-flux on major projects: A Handbook for Addressing Project-Induced In-Migration.

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Las Bambas Independent Advisory Group

Researching some sustainability reports this week, I learned about an Xstrata initiative in Peru to create an Independent Advisory Group on the Las Bambas mine. I can’t comment on the performance from my London-desk, but given the recent turmoil in

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Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009

Metals derived from inhumanely mined minerals go into electronic products used by millions of Americans. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many people – especially women and children – are victimized by armed groups who are trying to make a

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“CSR” and the Financial Crisis

This article, “Social Concerns are Crunched Off the Agenda”, has been sitting on tab in my browser for months, bad blogger that I have been. I don’t have a lot to say this. But from the opening line, the author

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Big Dams: Bulldozers and Sustainable Development 101

The debate for me isn’t electricity or no electricity for the Gilgel Gibe III Dam in Ethiopia, recently highlighted on the BBC’s Crossing Continents. It is about electricity with appropriate study of the impacts or electricity that makes the same

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China vs. West in Africa

So my heading is a bit over dramatic. This is an interesting development. Being interested in sustainable development, I don’t think it is important to worry about the nationality of the investment. But I do worry about how responsible it

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A Brave (and Responsible) Company

Very pleased to receive a link to this story on the Mine Web site regarding Newmont’s review of its community relations policy and practice. One part that most interested me: Community relations cannot be an isolated function. “All employees must

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ICMM Case for Partnerships at Local, National and Global Levels

Catching up on overdue reading over the weekend… ICMM’s Kathryn McPhail won the Bronze Award for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/Financial Times (FT) essay competition for her essay, “Sustainable Development in the Mining and Minerals Sector: The Case for Partnership

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Sustainable Social Investment – Great Resource!

The IPIECA has always been on my “Resources”-roll, but if you were like me, the IPIECA doesn’t sound like an appealing detour while blog perusing. It stands for International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association and might bore away non-petroleum people,

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