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“But at least it gives us hope.”

Continuing 2009 with the same theme I last mentioned in 2008…there are many striking stories in National Geographic’s cover story on gold this month. In trying to imagine 15 million people working on artisanl mines around the world, this quote

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Complexity of Artisanal Mining

The Guardian highlights some of the complexity in French Guiana and Northern Brazil related to artisinal gold mining, environmental degradation and what to do about it. Ironically, the gendarmes’ policy of non-violence against the garimpeiros is encouraging the Brazilians to

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Hidden (golden) Treasure?

Oxfam America has recently published a thorough report on Mali’s gold industry called Hidden Treasure? In Search of Mali’s Gold-Mining Revenues. As the title implies, it has particular focus on the source and destination of gold revenues from the industry.

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