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Supply Chain Reality

A gentle reminder of the complex issues related to supply chains from an article in the New York Times on the sewer covers of New York City. “We can’t maintain the luxury of Europe and the United States, with all

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World Investment Report 2007: TNCs, Extractive Industries and Development

The World Investment Report 2007 , focuses this year on Transnational Corporations and extractive industries. “…the extraction of natural resources involves considerable economic, environmental and social challenges. The objective is to ensure it is done in the most efficient and

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Miners on HIV Risks

BHP Billiton — the world’s largest mining company — said for every dollar it invests in HIV training, education and medical programs the return is four-fold in terms of benefits such as re-training, absenteeism and productivity. That quote alone is

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“A Mining Adviser’s View of Global Warming”

Climate Connections is a series now on National Public Radio done in cooperation with National Geographic: “How are we shaping the climate. How is climate shaping us.” I enjoyed this story on a mining adviser, environmentalist and government advisor. (Also

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