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CommDev (and In-Flux)

A missed gem on my Resources list. I came across CommDev again when I found this relatively new (slow blogging plagues me)  resource on the massive challenge of in-migration and in-flux on major projects: A Handbook for Addressing Project-Induced In-Migration.

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Syllabus on Mining Issues with “Broad Implications”

Via ICMM’s useful news feed, I got news that the Aspen Institute’s Centre for Business Educaiton held a conference for MBA faculty that resulted in a course syllabus on “Five Issues with Broad Implications” for the mining and metals industry.

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Miners on HIV Risks

BHP Billiton — the world’s largest mining company — said for every dollar it invests in HIV training, education and medical programs the return is four-fold in terms of benefits such as re-training, absenteeism and productivity. That quote alone is

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