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ICT – A Potential Game Changer?

Here’s a topic I hope to begin posting a bit more about: information communication technology (ICT) and sustainability, especially the newer tools that increase interaction among the stakeholders in the sustainability debate. Perusing AccountAbility’s website, I came across an article

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Corporations as Stakeholders?

A convincing case is made in the Jan/Feb Foreign Affairs – Global Corporate Citizenship – that pulls out some really good concepts related to a company’s role sustainable development. Five core concepts — corporate governance, corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility,

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Missing Global Compact Reports

The Financial Times noted a few weeks ago that some investors are asking questions about the reporting (and lack of reporting) on the UN’s Global Compact, a framework for businesses to highlight their commitments to human rights, labour, the environment

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World Investment Report 2007: TNCs, Extractive Industries and Development

The World Investment Report 2007 , focuses this year on Transnational Corporations and extractive industries. “…the extraction of natural resources involves considerable economic, environmental and social challenges. The objective is to ensure it is done in the most efficient and

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Sustainability Reporting “Cheat Sheet”

The Global Reporting Initiative just put together a handy “cheat sheet” that makes life easier. That’s nice.

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“Business Ethics 2.0″

I was pleased to see the Ethical Corporation journal focus on technology, special report June 2007. It’s a quick read, but interesting to see as time capsule. Check out the ad on the inside cover! Are those powerful media moguls?

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State of sustainable development reporting

The current state of sustainable development reporting and assurance, as explained by Deloitte on Mondaq (registration required). They assess 36 reports of different mining companies. I was interested by the comment on the “generation of trust”: Trust has been a

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