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Oil vs. Wind vs. Pipelines vs. Solar, etc.

Op-Ed in the NYT — “A Shortsighted Victory in Delaying the Keystone Pipeline” – outlines some of the tough trade-offs that will be forced upon decision-makers thinking about energy. Who decides? Intuitively, one would say “democratically elected government”, but federal, state

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Big Dams: Bulldozers and Sustainable Development 101

The debate for me isn’t electricity or no electricity for the Gilgel Gibe III Dam in Ethiopia, recently highlighted on the BBC’s Crossing Continents. It is about electricity with appropriate study of the impacts or electricity that makes the same

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More WRI Resources on Engagement

The World Resources Institute has recently published a report called “Breaking Ground: Engaging Communities in Extractive and Infrastructure Projects”. The report is a well-referenced follow on from a previous report, “Development Without Conflict: The Business Case for Community Consent”, and

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Extractive Industries Improving Lives?

I have posted before about Paul Collier’s Bottom Billion. Via The Next Billion blog, I found a great video with Collier speaking about countries that the bottom billion and the importance of governance. He lays out some very convincing ideas

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IFC Evaluates 18 Months of New Standards

After the holiday, I realized I missed a valuable update from the IFC on its progress implementing the Policy and Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability and Disclosure Policy over the first 18 months of application. All comments and

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Resources on Resettlement

The International Institute for Environment and Development conducted a two-year process of consultation and research called Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD). The goal was to understand “how to maximise the contribution of the mining and minerals sector to sustainable

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Environmental Impact Assessment Wiki

I came across a wiki on Environmental Impact Assessment a few days ago. It was created by the United Nations University. I looked at a few pages and joined the site. It is an interesting experiment and I will give

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