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Externalities of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act?

The title, “How Congress Devastated Congo”, is a bit much, but this OpEd gives pause to all of us thinking that human rights in mining is a black or white issue. It is true: It’s easier to sidestep Congo than

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Cash For Everyone

How Africa can extract big benefits for everyone from natural resources – cash transfers, so the Guardian post says. I am a bit skeptical that this would provide any quick fixes either for poverty alleviation or reducing corruption, and sparsely

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TEDx Brussels 2010 – Paul Collier

Here’s the punchline of the talk: “There is no substitute for building a critical mass of informed citizens within each of the societies that have these valuable resources and are currently poor.” TEDx Brussels 2010 – Paul Collier – How

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Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009

Metals derived from inhumanely mined minerals go into electronic products used by millions of Americans. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many people – especially women and children – are victimized by armed groups who are trying to make a

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ICMM Case for Partnerships at Local, National and Global Levels

Catching up on overdue reading over the weekend… ICMM’s Kathryn McPhail won the Bronze Award for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/Financial Times (FT) essay competition for her essay, “Sustainable Development in the Mining and Minerals Sector: The Case for Partnership

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“Supporting Development in Indonesia”

Developing resources in a decentralizing country requires sustainable community development to promote synergies between corporate initiatives and local government goals. A simple idea, but difficult to implement, is explained very well in this article from the October issue of E&P

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Mistrusted Good Intentions

It has been a while…a wedding, a honeymoon but now eager to re-engage with the world of sustainable development. There are a lot of challenges with trying to invest wisely into countries that need a lot. ArcelorMittal recently gave the

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Just say “Nyet!”

Maybe not that easy, but Brook Horowitz from the International Business Leaders Forum has an interesting column in the IHT last week that seems to support some ideas I shared related to David Collier’s chapter on the role of multinationals

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No Retreat for Sustainable Banking

I just caught up with the recent special report on “sustainable banking” in the Financial Times and found it very encouraging. It highlights what we like to believe – there are some in the world of money making who still

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Extractive Industries Improving Lives?

I have posted before about Paul Collier’s Bottom Billion. Via The Next Billion blog, I found a great video with Collier speaking about countries that the bottom billion and the importance of governance. He lays out some very convincing ideas

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